Deola Aina Cosmetics is a luxury cosmetics brand dedicated to giving you the very best of beauty line with major focus on providing high quality and extremely safe cosmetics products. We make unapologetically cute makeup for beauty rebels who can’t help but stand out from the crowd. We are unconventional, pretty, adorable yet edgy.

Deola Aina Cosmetics brand was officially launched on the 20th of November with the theme “Dream of Beauty” it was a red carpet party covered by Soundcity and Music Africa with the first collection “She is all African” consisting of an eyeshadow palette, 5 matte lipsticks, 4 lipgloss and brows pencil  unveiled by the Founder Deola Aina.



It’s our mission to create the vibrant, richest, brightest, highly pigmented, essential colors and amazing products with incredible wearability power that every beauty enthusiast can afford without breaking the bank and staples in everyone’s makeup bag.

Dedicated to newness at lightning speed, we pride ourselves on being pocket-friendly, keeping our customers at the center of our world.

We hope you enjoy our collections, which allow you to express yourself, your love for color, your talent and creativity as we continue to grow our product line.



Our vision is to ceaselessly develop high quality and innovative beauty products that are safe.

-All of our products are created with one concept in mind, to unveil the beautiful canvas of each individual.

-Deola encourages you to be your unique self with our consumer friendly products.



After almost a decade of knowledge and expertise, Nigerian beauty artist, educator, photographer and author, Deola Aina is the founder and developer behind Deola Aina Cosmetics. Every formula is designed to be multifunctional in its use and work on a broad range of skin tones. It’s a playground of customizable colors and texture designed for both professional makeup artists and everyday consumers. Deola Aina Cosmetics gives both artists and consumers the ability to easily customize and freely create while exploring an inclusive world of beauty without boundaries.

I am passionate about Makeup. Since my childhood, I used to be amazed and curious about various beauty products of my mother. I loved checking out fashion magazines and surfing fashion websites until I decided to be a professional Makeup artist in 2012 by attending Make-Up Designatory Academy (MUD)Makeup School. Needless to say, the journey got better and better as I moved on to be an author and photographer while working with international production houses as a makeup artist in Nigeria and abroad. I think Makeup is an art of self-expression which pumps us up with self-confidence to the brim. I believe that the key to success lies in self-confidence and I always feel enthralled by the confidence that beauty inspires. If you ask me? With a healthy lifestyle, proper skincare and just the right makeup, we can all look the best version of ourselves, and the most beautiful woman of our world.

This is the reason why I focus on bringing my cosmetic Beauty ‘Deola Aina Cosmetics to you all..

Seeing my vision come to life has been a dream come true, and I could not have done it without you! I can’t wait to see what happens next.


All the flavor of being a girl

Deola Aina