Sometimes all you want is a simple shine on your lips. No fuss. No drying out. No worrying if the color in the package looks completely different on. Just a clear, glossy sheen to amplify your lips. And that’s where clear lip glosses comes in.

But finding the right clear lip gloss can be tricky. You want something that won’t be too sticky and something that you don’t have to reapply every five minutes.

Our classic clear lipgloss that is made of nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E to give lips moisture and soothe any irritation is all you needs.

It glides on like a dream and gives a nice shiny finish and a more plumped appearance.
This non-sticky lip gloss is perfect for when you want to pack on the shine or when you want to give your lips a little T.L.C.

You don’t have to worry about your lips drying and peeling with this gloss, it won’t break or dry your lips after the shines go away. This multi-use gloss can also be used on the eyes and cheeks for some added natural-looking glow, but we especially love it all over our lips. It glides on so easily and gives your lips a translucent shine that’s just so pretty. It’s great on its own or you can use it to boost the shine of another lip color. It’s lightweight and leaves the ultimate shiny finish. Layer as much as you want to get the desired amount of shine without worrying if it’ll get too sticky.


+ 29% instant volumizing effect*

+ 24h hydration*

+ Long-term volume

+ 86% smoother after 4 weeks**